Wow! Phenomenal sound last night! It’s magic! Everyone is positive and happy and we all want to work hard because we have something very special here!

A day I’ll always remember and proud to be a member of KAC

Fabulous day for us all! Thanks as always to Craig and Declan.

I am really enjoying it, I’m absolutely buzzing afterwards. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the choir rehearsal last week. Everyone made me feel very welcome and I definitely would like to join the choir. I have been practising hard at home and would love to sing at the upcoming events. It is so lovely to sing with such an enthusiastic group and the amazing duo of Craig and Declan!

I honestly felt so tired and actually commented to xxxxx before we got out of the car, “if he lifts me tonight then he’s a magician.”  – Well, Craig is a magician

Thank you making me so welcome on Thursday evening – I was buzzing when I got home.  

I can’t get over Craig last night!! After I missed his audition and you all told me about it I thought everyone had gone a little bit bonkers but he is actually unbelievable – how on earth did we make so much progress in one session? I got up this morning and still felt really uplifted and excited about it and I’ve been humming all day!

What a fabulous night again. It takes us through to the following week, and thank god we signed up. Craig is the anecdote to all lows. I hope he knows that.

So glad choir is giving people an outlet where they can feel some joy and be amongst like minded people, such good therapy. I think Craig and Declan give us all such an uplifting evening, long may it continue.

Fantastic singing!! Thanks again for making it all possible, I hope you know how happy and inspired we are.

The sound is amazing would think we all auditioned.

What a great evening! Yes! Will be joining!!please! …. what a good sound the choir makes! Thank you! Going into overdrive to learn the songs so I can perform at the gigs!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome tonight. Really enjoyed it- ‘I’ve been doo doing’ none stop.

I have totally rediscovered my joy of music.

I cannot believe my luck! I think Craig and Declan are out of this world, and I’m sure you all must feel the same.

Worth the fee just to listen to Craig sing and Declan play.

The choir has proved so very attractive to new members that the numbers would have been capped if I’d waited any longer, so I feel very lucky that I DID join.

My friend loved the taster. Her degree was in drama and performance and she loved Craig ( who doesn’t?!)

This poem was written by Sue Creeley

We’ll get by with a little help from our friends
Sometimes life can really be pretty tough
We have to deal with some horrible stuff
Be sure, we’ll get through the latest mire
Cos we’re all part of Knot Another Choir
We can try hard to learn each and every line
Every breath, every pause, we can but refine
While home, sing clear, sing strong, sing loud
Let’s really make Craig and Dec so very proud
We can’t meet on Thursdays, just right now
These Corona virus rules simply don’t allow
But we can be with other within our mind
And there for sure some solace we’ll find
Let’s hope it’s not long, till we’ll meet up again
Practising while at home honestly isn’t in vain
Then we’ll laugh and possibly shed some big tears
And we’ll work hard to banish some of those fears
So let’s all try hard to be the best brave we know
The seeds of bright futures we can now surely sow
But for now we’ll just do as that lovely song ends
We’ll get by, with a little help, from all our friends

This poem was written by Julie Horsfield

I’ve done all the cupboards,
I’ve done all the drawers.
I’ve done all the ceilings,
I’ve done all the floors.

I’ve cleaned all the windows,
I’ve power washed the drive,
I’ve planted all the seedlings
Hoping that they’ll thrive.

I’ve treated the fences,
I’ve treated the shed.
I’ve got every dust bunny
From under the bed.

My home is spic and span now,
It’s never been so clean.
Pity it is at a time,
It cannot now be seen.

I’m going in the loft now,
Things are really grim.
The things I have to do these days
To social distance myself from him!

This poem was written by Karen Briggs

Another blumin virus this virus is sweeping the nation how fast can it grow this virus is sweeping the nation the world didn’t know our Health Service is pushed to the Limit it’s really untrue so how can we help our health service and what can we do the advice from the government stay home stay safe stay well the economy is struggling how can we tell towns and cities are deadly quiet there’s nobody around but nature is loving it it makes a lovely sound the symptoms are not clear and how it really starts a headache a cough a high temperature and hospital charts the death toll is rising Rising really high so leave enough for everyone and don’t panic by so come on let’s join together and give a big cheer and listen to the government at this time of year

This poem was written by Sue Creeley

This sweet little poem was written by one of our members.

I joined a new choir, we have lots of fun
It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done

With Craig at the helm, and Declan on “keys”
We learn new songs with consummate ease

We always do warm-ups, with lots of odd sounds
The claps and the clicks, Confusion abounds!

We’ve done a few concerts, both inside and out
The audience love it there’s really no doubt

Craig raises his hands, we’re ready to start
His hand points left and we sway, feet apart

I love this fab choir, it’s such a great crowd
We sing loud and strong our faces beam proud

Merry Christmas to you, with lots of good cheer
Can’t wait to be back to sing more next year

Sue Creeley 2019